How to create a Vendor User

Vendor User - This function allows eShipper customer to provide access to their supplier with their own unique log-in credentials, in order to give access to the supplier to use your eShipper account to ship back to you or on your behalf to any destination utilizing your own account. This function provides you with better control and visibility of your shipments and will be billed to your account based on your preferred eShipper rates. To create a Vendor User, please follow the below steps:


Step 1: Create a unique Username and Password for the Vendor User

Step 2: Set Vendor to "YES" to allow Vendor User access to your eShipper account

Step 3: Set to "YES" if you would like to give your Vendor User access to your user management. It is highly recommended to set it to "NO" to limit the Vendor from accessing your eShipper management.

Step 4: Set the view rates function to "YES" if you would like to allow your vendor to see your preferred rates on eShipper when processing shipments. If set to "NO" vendor will still be able to view the carriers and transit times when processing shipments and the only information that will not be available for viewing will be your rates.

Step 5: If you set the share address book to "YES", the vendor will have access to your address book. If set to "NO" the vendor will not have access to your address book, however vendor will be able to create their own address book for use.

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